About the Seishi Teppei Jujutsu Kai - Authentic Jujutsu and Self-Defense

About Us
The primary focus at the Seishi Teppei Jujutsu Kai is on functional, effective self-
defense, maintaining the authenticity and integrity of the system, ongoing research into
the history and techniques of our lineage, character development and respect for the
Japanese martial tradition and spirit.
We are a group of like minded individuals who share a common passion for Bujutsu
and Budo, and who are inspired by the privilege of studying this ryu. It is a unique
transmission of a traditional Jujutsu system in the west, and has retained itís
authenticity to the present day.
The practice of Jujutsu is a physical, spiritual and cultural adventure. In the course of
time the Japanese martial arts change all aspects of your life for the better, if you are
willing to give what is required. It is a journey that takes a lifetime.

Guy B. Taylor

(Yondan Jujutsu)
(Shodan Judo)
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