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History of the Seishi Teppei Jujutsu Kai

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"Many martial arts were practised in Japan during itís feudal age: the use of the lance, archery, swordsmanship and many more. Jujutsu was one such art.  Also called taijutsu and yawara, it was a system of attack that involved throwing, hitting, kicking, stabbing, slashing, choking, bending and twisting limbs, pinning an opponent, and defences against these attacks.  Although Jujutsuís techniques were known from the earliest times, it was not until the latter half of the sixteenth century that Jujutsu was practised and taught systematically.  During the Edo period (1603-1868) it developed into a complex art taught by the masters of a number of schools." (Jigoro Kano).  With the commencement of the Meiji era (1868), the modernization of Japan, and the popularity of Judo (founded in 1882), most of the old Jujutsu schools dwindled into obscurity or ceased to exist.
The Seishi Teppei Jujutsu Kai traces its Japanese  lineage back to Seishi Teppei Sensei, who taught Jujutsu to Henry Johnston in the 1920ís in Shanghai. In 1928 Johnston founded the Kodokwan Jujutsu Association.  In 1947, after graduating from University with a medical doctorate, Johnston transferred his dojo to his two most dedicated students, Dennys McCrea and George (Joe) Grant-Grierson.  He later passed away in 1966.
Charles Gaven started Jujutsu classes in 1948 under McCrea and Grant-Grierson.  In addition to Jujutsu Gaven Sensei was a knowledgeable and respected Judoka.  Prior to his passing, Charles Gaven entrusted his three senior grades (Guy Taylor, Graham Hart and Nigel Sessions, all ranked Sandan at the time) with continuing the system after his death.
Guy Taylor commenced Jujutsu under Charles Gaven in 1983, at the age of 15, with a busy schedule of two Judo and three Jujutsu practices each week.  Taylor Sensei achieved Shodan in Jujutsu in 1991 and is currently ranked as Yondan (4th Dan) Jujutsu, having received his most recent grade from George (Joe) Grant-Grierson.  He is also graded as Shodan (1st Dan) Judo.  Taylor Sensei was chairman of the University of Cape Town Jujutsu Club from 1986-1991, achieved full Blues for Jujutsu at the University, was a member of the SAJJA technical panel, and was instructor under Charles Gaven, taking over instruction at the Honbu Dojo when Gavenís health began to fail.
For several years Guy Taylor also pursued studies in Tenjin Shinyo Ryu Jujutsu, Takenouchi Ryu and Daito Ryu AikiJujutsu Takuma Kai.  He has conducted in-depth technical and historical research into Seishi Teppei Senseiís system over many years, and is the foremost authority on the subject.  He was also privileged to be the last Jujutsu student of both Dennys McCrea and Louis Chananie, and was frequently in communication with George (Joe) Grant-Grierson.  With the exception of Chananie Sensei, the previous generations have sadly all passed away.
Taylor Sensei currently teaches the original system as perpetuated by Seishi Teppei Sensei, in his Honbu Dojo located in North Vancouver, BC, Canada.  The organization is named Seishi Teppei Jujutsu Kai in honour of this teacher.


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